Date Night: Recap.

No filter is exactly what I was going for when I started this project. It’s my one means of communication to talk without being afraid of what to say.

Let’s start with mentioning that I don’t see myself as dating material, and I accepted to go on what’s technically called a blind date. Dating is not my territory. I’ve only really been in long-term relationships that the idea of dating is straight up annoying. There are a ton of serial daters out there, and I try to avoid them like the plague.

Unfortunately,  I came across one recently this year that I’ll discuss another time. I like meeting people with the intention of staying in contact with them. It’s the “mating for life” factor because I  genuinely care about people that I like.

I was really hesitant to go on my date last night and almost talked myself out of going after I got ready and drove all the way out there.

We met at a Cuban place in Point Loma that I’ve never been to. My date never had Cuban food before, and the staff was incredibly sweet and helpful in figuring out what to order. The place has only been opened for about two months, but they have great reviews on Yelp.

He did get points for not only being chivalrous with paying for the meal, but  that we actually split both our orders to share. I only really do that with people who have similar food tastes as me. It was a great surprise to meet someone who is food-venterous. 

It was good that I decided to go anyway. It was nice, but I felt bad because I didn’t have much of an appetite. I had a big lunch and ate the leftovers from the date today. He was the one who mostly ate and liked the food.

I was really glad that he didn’t do anything that made me uncomfortable. My last dating experience was extremely forward and hands-on. I completely understand why that particular relationship ended up the way they did. It really is more him than me, but it was difficult.

Everything  with that moved at a pace I wasn’t really okay with, so last night’s date went pretty well. We basically talked for about a good three or so hours until the place closed which was nice.

This week is a short one with Thanksgiving coming up. I would probably agree to hanging out again. The biggest hurdle of actually meeting is now done with, so it’s now  time to see what happens next. 



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