It’s Time to Get Back to Writing

Happy Wednesday!

I know that I have been pretty MIA from the blogging world for a while now, and a lot has happened in the year of 2014.

There are no updates in terms of relationships, but there are two news flashes I need to share. One is that I officially moved out of the boring old suburbia neighborhood of Mira Mesa over to the ever-growing hipster are of South Park in San Diego. The other is that I got let go from my former company back in late January.

The move was the best decision I ever made since living in San Diego. It has definitely made being let go a lot easier because I somewhat have a better support system now. I was not really in shock, but I was pretty heartbroken over the idea of not having a job. I am still looking and not having a job saddens me all the time. It is incredibly frustrating when others consistently ask me how the job hunt is. There is probably a long list of profanities I would rather use, but it honestly sucks.

I have had three really weak moments since unemployment. As much as I did not want to, I broke down crying because my heart was just broken. I did know that not having a job was going to be difficult and have been handling it pretty well. Sometimes we cannot control what is going on. That is that part that ended up hurting the most.

Job hunting all the time is pretty much a given. Luckily, I have been using my spare time figuring out who I am as a person and seeing what to do with my life. It is still a work in progress. I barely put any effort towards getting into a relationship again. There was one recently, but it is not the best time for either one of us right now.

I think the only reason to why I am writing today is because I am feeling a little upset about not having a job. This is enough of a tangent today. I will do my best to get more updates in with my current sporadic schedule. We will see what happens as the year continues.



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