Outfit Updates from 2014

I tend to forget to upload outfits sometimes. Here is an accumulation of a few since the beginning of the year. They are arranged from newest to oldest. Feel free to check out the post for all four collages 🙂 Fashion is fun! Collage #1: Outfit #1 (left) Cropped Long Sleeve Gray Sweater Blue & White Polka Dot Maxi Skirt Mint Green Belt > all pieces are from Forever 21Outfit #2 (right) White Long Sleeve Textured Sweater Floral Shorts AX Watch: http://bit.ly/OAfPaw (Item is unavailable.) Braided Brown Belt > all clothing pieces are from Forever 21 Neutral Ankle Boots from Target Collage #2: Outfit #1 (left) Button Down Plaid Shirt from Marshalls White Layer Tank Top from Cotton On Basic Black Leggings from Love Culture Neutral Nine West Flats from TJ MaxxOutfit #2 (center) Gray Half Sleeve Top from Gap Maxi Dress from Cotton On Steve Madden Western Inspired Boots – Outfit #3 (right) Red Long Sleeve Cropped Sweater Black Faux Leather Skirt > all clothing pieces are from Forever 21 Neutral Ankle Boots from Target Continue reading


Rainy Days.

Some cooler weather has finally hit Southern California. I may be born and raised with a love for the sunshine, but I absolutely adore it when it rains. Jumping in puddles is one of my favorite things to do.

I wasn’t very practical about my boots though. They are not waterproof. Luckily, it was a work day and was indoors for the most part. Today is also the first time I’ve worn these boots at my current office, and they clicker-clacked all about on the hardwood floors. I’m one out of the very few people who walk back and forth a lot in my office. It was pretty amusing just knowing that my co-workers could hear me wandering about.

I should also mention my current obsession with midi-rings. Life has been less digital  because of my job and attempting to develop real relationships with people. My interests in a lot of things have changed. The decision to start over mostly applied to my own mental being, but I have been on a mission to cheer myself up with a few shopping sprees within the past couple of months.

All of that includes an influx of new additions to my wardrobe. Without giving away too much detail, a lot of my hopes were crushed and was let down in heartbreaking ways by a few people whom I trusted completely.  I was not happy about anything, and that is just not me.

The goal is to see the world with the glass half full. I would like to be able to enter the next year with a new perspective. A person should feel good about oneself to feel happy and positive about life no matter what. The choices we make whether it’s a big life altering decisions or a small thing like deciding on what to wear can make a difference on how we feel and see the world.

If you would like to see where I pieces of my outfit from, be sure to continue reading for the information.


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